Adblock Detector

Enable Adblock Plus or AdBlock in Samsung Internet

  1. Install Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet or AdBlock for Samsung Internet. These are separate apps that add ad-blocking functionality to Samsung Internet.
  2. Open Samsung Internet.
  3. Open the menu (three stacked lines).
  4. Tap "Add-ons".
  5. Tap "Ad blockers".
  6. Tap "Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet" or "AdBlock for Samsung Internet", depending on which you installed.
  7. Close Samsung Internet.
  8. Open "Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet" or "AdBlock for Samsung Internet".
  9. If one appears, allow any "Initializing" dialog to go away.
  10. Dismiss any other dialogs.
  11. Tap "Allow some nonintrusive adverising".
  12. You should now have an ad-free browsing experience.