Get an Ad Blocker

How to choose one?

I used to recommend AdBlock for users who want to be able to disable the blocker on only one page. However, Adblock Plus now has this feature. Therefore, I no longer recommend AdBlock for any user, as they are virtually identical in functionality, but Adblock Plus is (at least in my opinion) more user-friendly.


For desktop browsers, use the links below.


A note about Safari

My only Apple device is an iPad that doesn't work. Therefore, I cannot provide any information about Safari on any platform.

Installation Links

Samsung Internet setup

  1. Install Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet. This is a separate app that adds ad-blocking functionality to Samsung Internet.
  2. Open Samsung Internet.
  3. Open the menu (three stacked lines).
  4. Tap "Add-ons".
  5. Tap "Ad blockers".
  6. Tap "Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet".
  7. Press the home button to close Samsung Internet.
  8. Open "Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet".
  9. If one appears, allow any "Initializing" dialog to go away.
  10. Dismiss any other dialogs.
  11. Tap "Allow some nonintrusive adverising".
  12. You should now have an ad-free browsing experience.

Edge Mobile setup

  1. Open Edge.
  2. Open the menu (... icon).
  3. Tap "Settings".
  4. Tap "Content blockers"
  5. Tap "Adblock Plus".
  6. If a dialog appears, dismiss it.
  7. Tap "Advanced settings".
  8. Tap "Allow acceptable ads".
  9. Press the Back button until you reach the main browser again.
  10. You should now have an ad-free browsing experience.

Notes on Adblock Plus

By default, Adblock Plus allows some ads that are considered acceptable. However, you can easily disable this behavior. (This is included in the tutorials for Edge Mobile and Samsung Internet.) uBlock Origin blocks all ads by default.

  1. Open any Web page.
  2. Click the Adblock Plus extension/add-on icon.
  3. Click the gear to open Settings.
  4. Click the checkbox next to "Allow Acceptable Ads".
  5. Nearly all ads should now be blocked.

How to support publishers

One problem with ad blockers is that they literally block the main source of income for many publishers. Adblock Plus has "acceptable ads" support, but even these are sometimes annoying. What I do is disable the ad blocker on sites I want to support, and turn it back on if the site shows annoying ads.