Googlebot Tests

Test #1

Googlebot Test #1 was a general test performed on August 20, 2019.


Test Indexed? Notes
Plain text in the document Yes This was just plain "Web 1.0"-style text.
Added with document.write() Yes document.write("text")
Added with document.write(), from two variables Yes document.write(var1 + var2)
Added with document.write(), from reversed text Yes Text switched back to normal order by JavaScript
Added with element.textContent, from reversal of result of AJAX request to Google error page for search for text through CORS proxy No See next row. For how this test worked, see Test 1, Note 1
Added with element.textContent, from AJAX request to page on this site Yes Apparently, Googlebot will make AJAX requests to the same site, but not cross-origin ones, even when allowed by CORS.
Added with element.textContent, triggered by button No If Googlebot did click buttons, it would probably accidentally "agree" to clickwrap license agreements.
From image (no alt text) No Despite Google's sponsoring of the Tesseract OCR software, Googlebot does not read text from images.
From image (blank alt text) No See previous row.
From image (Lorem Ipsum alt text) No See previous row.
Hidden with CSS Yes This was plain "Web 1.0"-style text hidden by CSS. Since human visitors do not see this, it seems that Googlebot should not index it.
Test Indexed? Notes

Note 1

This test was quite complicated. After determining the desired output text, I constructed a URL for a Google search of the reverse of the desired string. (The URL in the code routes the request through a CORS proxy, as Google does not allow cross-origin requests.) Since this string is not in Google's index, it gave an error page saying there were no results. My code parsed this page and extracted the search query string. It then reversed this string and displayed it.